John M.

These guys did a fantastic job running heat into our bathroom and also installing a premium fan in the bathroom that vents outdoors. The work was done carefully, professionally, and it looks great. The guys even cleaned up extremely well after the work was complete. I highly recommend Air Tech. You'll love the work they do.

Meta M.

I called two companies before I found Tech Air. One told me they had an opening in a week and the other never called back to schedule an appointment as they said they would do. Collin from Tech Air answered his own phone and came by at the end of the day. My furnace didn't turn on. Collin found the issue and fixed it within 20 minutes for a very reasonable price. Excellent, personal service! Highly recommend Tech Air.

Mick E.

I found myself just smiling and nodding my head reading through all the reviews just now, naturally all 5 stars. I was desperate for heat as my 83 yr old dad stays with me most of the time and for the first time I stayed cold through the entire night in bed more than once. Colin was the ONLY service/repair tech who didn't hesitate to make time in his schedule to come help fix my furnace. Out of like seven total who generously offered to do so in a week or two or just not at all. They're ALL busy right now. The difference is that Colin is the obvious exception because that's the kind of guy he is. He's a big exception. He didn't have the time either so he literally created more by working into the night to accommodate everyone possible, me included. I don't know about you, but for me, that's all superhero, knight in shining armor, holy savior, rockstar stuff, because-- and here's an extinct concept-- he is genuinely dedicated and goes out of his way to deliver that dedication for our benefit. Integrity these days is a rare find. The tremendous and unexpected bonus is that he's super efficient, professional, helpful, FAST, reliable and punctual, God forbid even reasonable, AND gets it done proper. And at the risk of sounding mushy, he's all that and a super pleasant guy, for God's sake. Refreshing? Exceedingly so. He showed up at 8am (after first offering to come the night before when I called him), diagnosed it so quickly (I already had two other people misdiagnose the problem as originating from an entirely different part), then on top of juggling all his other jobs the rest of the day solid, he magically and gallantly arrived that evening with new furnace circuit board in hand. Ten minutes later max, BAM. Heat, glorious heat. I feel-- no, I KNOW I got real lucky stumbling onto Colin/TechAir. I'd never even consider anyone else-- ever. And I won't let any of my peeps call upon those "other" guys either, not if I have anything to say about it. There would be no point because there no longer is any other option. Thank you, Colin. Like I said and I'll say it again, you "singlehandedly improved my quality of life enormously today".

Alex S.

We needed our furnace replaced and Colin was the best price, very conscientious, showed up when he said he would, was very professional and super nice. He got the SF building permit for us, did a really nice job on the installation and insulating all the ducts, cleaned up really well, and came back another day to wait for the inspector to show up and sign off on everything (which was passed easily). Highly recommend Colin of you need any HVAC work done.

Skip C.

Colin did an outstanding job in relocating vents and ducting on our roof. He was prompt, responsive and diligent in getting the job done quickly and to our complete satisfaction. He left the work area cleaner than when he started! We'd definitely use him again.

Amanda F.

Colin fixed our furnace when the motor went out. His services were reasonably priced, and he completed it with a quick turnaround. I was pleased with his service and knowledge. Thanks, Colin!

Jami L.

Collin came to my house in the middle of the holidays; late at night after my heat during a very cold week had stopped working from my HVAC. I had paid another, very reputable company to come and fix my HVAC. They ripped open the electrical, exposing wires, not able to figure out the issue and then pardoned themselves as they needed to run to her next appointment. They left my house after being there for less then hour, I was 8 months pregnant, had a 1 year old and my parents staying with us. The company called the next day and said the electrical issue was a problem with the unit and explained they could replace it for $3000. When I reached out to Tech Air/Collin he came over and analyzed the wires and tested electrical combinations for a few hours. He took his time to fix the problem. Then a Christmas miracle happened and my heat turned on. I literally cried happy tears! He was my night in shining armor and charged me a couple hundred dollars, which saved me thousands if I had gone with the other company's recommendation. I will forever be thankful to Collin at TechAir!

Lorena Y.

I called Tech Air to fix my furnace and the technician was very professional. He did and amazing job and I am so happy with the results, my furnace has never work better!

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