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 Tech Air is a service based company with an emphasis on honesty. I started this business because I got tired of seeing heating and air conditioning companies taking advantage of customers.


   Here at Tech Air, we offer competitive rates and quality workmanship, always taking the time to listen to the customer and truly hear what they have to say. We offer a variety of services from repairs to replacements in both your home and office. With more than 20 years of experience in the field we are highly qualified. Give Tech Air a call so we can turn you into a satisfied customer today!

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     Colin came to my house in the middle of the holidays; late at night after my heat during a very cold week had stopped working from my HVAC. I had paid another, very reputable company to come and fix my HVAC. They ripped open the electrical, exposing wires, not able to figure out the issue and then pardoned themselves as they needed to run to her next appointment. They left my house after being there for less than an hour. I was 8 months pregnant, had a 1 year old and my parents staying with us. The company called the net day and said the electrical issue was a problem with the unit and explained they could replace it for $3000.

    When I reached out to Tech Air/Colin he came over and analyzed the wires and tested electrical combinations for a few hours. He took his time to fix the problem. Then a Christmas miracle happened and my heart turned on. I literally cried happy tears! He was my night in shining armor and charged me a couple hundred dollars, which saved me thousands if I had gone with the other company's recommendations.

     I will forever be thankful to Colin at Tech air! - Jami Johnson