Gary W.
Yelp review 6/15/2022

Can't say enough great things about Collin and Tech Air. Our 20+ year old AC went out in the middle of a heat wave. Found Collin/Tech Air and read 5 star review after 5 star review. He actually answered the phone himself and booked an appointment to come out the following afternoon. Got a call the very next day from Collin telling me he was in the area and could come by 3 hours early - he had the problem diagnosed in literally 5 minutes- had a replacement part in his car - fixed my AC and it's like the Arctic in here. The cost was more than reasonable. I can't recommend Collin enough.

Nick Y.
Yelp review 5/22/2022

Colin and team were very professional and efficient. I received several bids and the only one that was less was one of those guys who does side jobs that may or may not be reliable down the road. As we all know, the last thing a homeowner needs is to be left holding the bag on a major part of your home, so it is great to have the assurance that Colin and his team will be there if things go wrong. From the workmanship however, it does not appear that we will be seeing him any time soon! He also use Trane-- top of the line (others wanted to use York). Furthermore, my family/young kids/pregnant wife was very sensitive to asbestos and we insisted that we get a 3rd party to help solve this for us even though Colin offered and was capable. Colin was able to get a company he works with and abate all of our ducting using negative pressure etc. at a very reasonable price-- he really does help you solve the entire job from A-Z. Thanks again Colin!

Carlee D.
Yelp review 5/11/2022

Colin is very knowledgeable and professional. Our family is looking to make an upgrade to our HVAC system and to a system that is more energy efficient. Colin shared his product knowledge, system requirements and ideas for possible solutions in a manner which is easy to understand for a homeowner. I am also impressed by Colin's knowledge of local rebate programs and his recommendations based off these opportunities.

Vik C.
Yelp review 5/7/2022

Colin increased the value of our home by $100,000, let me explain how this genius of a professional and genuinely nice person made this happen. We moved into a new home in San Francisco's St. Francis Wood neighborhood and asked him for two new HVACs. All appliances were in a room in the basement. Colin looked around, climbed through a crawl space, and discovered that there was a hidden and empty room right next to it. He suggested demolishing the wall and building the new HVAC in the new room, which we then repurposed into the new Mechanical Room for HVAC, heaters, steam pump, etc. As a result, we were able to use the now-empty room to add a new bathroom and turn the adjacent storage room into a bedroom. That was the value add, and more than paid us back for what we paid for his work. Throughout the HVAC installations, Colin was incredibly attentive, a creative problem solver, and had a can-do-no-problem-i'm-happy-to-go-above-and-beyond attitude. He was the first contractor to work on the new home and set the bar so high that everybody else after him has paled in comparison. Colin and his team were a real dream for a homeowner for a heritage home that required extra special care.

Corey S.
Yelp review 3/11/2022

Heater went out on Friday night, called on Saturday and they showed up in an hour. Ordered a replacement board on Monday and by Wednesday it was fully functional, called me daily with updates. Great service, great customer service. Would definitely recommend.

Kristine K.
Yelp review 12/1/2021

I needed a replacement gas wall heater and had a hard time getting a hold of the HVAC company my neighbor recommended for an estimate. By the time I got the estimate, I was told that it would be 1 month before they could complete the installation. I saw the excellent reviews for TechAir and decided to give Colin a call. He responded immediately, gave me a reasonable estimate over the phone, and said that he had an appointment available in a couple of days. He and his team were punctual, wore masks, set up blankets to keep my home tidy, and completed the installation quickly with excellent communication. I will be recommending TechAir to my neighbors!

Michael P.
Yelp review 11/8/2021

I had an amazing experience working with Colin and his team. They helped us replace a brand new furnace and install an A/C unit for our home. What I appreciated most is the responsiveness and integrity from beginning to end. Even before we started, Colin gave me two different quotes and was honest about the cost difference based on options. Then, over the course of a few days, the entire team did a fantastic job with the entire install. I know it's always hard to find reliable folks out there -- especially when it comes to any work that needs to be done on your house. But I can attest to the quality you would be getting with Colin and the TechAir team. Highly recommend their services.

Catherine H.
Yelp review 10/24/2021

Colin and his team were professional, prompt and did a great job at a very competitive price. One of those experiences that was so good - I'm telling friends about him.

Andrey V.
Yelp review 10/1/2021

Colin and Reggie were fantastic - super responsive, responsible and in one week time we have a brand new A/C unit, new duct tape work and a new furnace. Colin did everything as promised and the cost was very reasonable compared to other estimates we received. Definitely would recommend him and his company!

Biachi N.
Yelp review 9/2/2021

Colin responded quickly when I was inquiring about my Nest thermostat installation. He was honest and did not try to oversell me with a new furnace. He looked at the furnace and said "it was clean." It's really awesome when you can find someone honest with any kind of repair whether it's home or car. Colin figured out a way to get this working because it wasn't as simple as I thought. He is thorough and patient. He is fair in pricing and Most importantly he was punctual. I would call him back in a heartbeat for any kind of HVAC or thermostat repair or Installation. It's great to know that I have found my HVAC person. Keep up the good work Colin! :-)

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